HSC Special Uses All Board Question and Answer PDF Download

HSC Special Uses All Board Question and Answer

PDF Download

HSC ইংরেজি ২য় পত্র সকল বোর্ড এর প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর ডাউনলোড

would you mind there as soon as was born it is high time
as if would rather unless what does …. look like have to

Question 1.  (a) Your enemies are looking for you. — you left this place…  (b) It is raining heavily. –closing the window? (c) Rifat often behaves — he were a prince. It becomes very difficult for me to tolerate him.  (d) Humayun Ahmed was a teacher, author, dramatist and filmmaker. He — on 13 November 1948. (e) — you work hard, you will not make a good result. (f) 1—- resign my job than tolerate injustice. I have moral courage to raise voice against injustice. (g) Son :— a satellite ? Father : I have heard of it but never got a chance to see it.      (h) We informed the police — the incident took place. But the police didn’t arrive even after two hours. (i) Our society is full of bad persons. We — remain aware of them. (j) — is a hue and cry on the road. Something must have happened.

[DB ’19]

had better let alone what does ….. look like as soon as As if
there would you mind would rather it was born

Question 2.  as if I there would you mind I would rather Tit was born        (a) Our spring is very charming. During spring various kinds of flowers bloom. —– seems thateverything has got a new life. (b) Baby : Mom, — an owl ? (c) Don’t disturb me, you —- leave me alone at this moment. (d) The poor man – starve than beg. (e) — exists no life on Mars. (f) – taking tea with me? (g) Sir Walter Scott was both a poet and a novelist. He in 1771. No (h) She acts — she were mad. (i) — we reached the station, the train started. (j)He did not even see a hill, – a mountain.

[RB ’19]

would you mind was born let alone had better there
what does …. look like as if would rather as soon as have to

Question 3.  (a) – flying in the sky? I think you will enjoy a lot.

(b) was a king named Robert Bruce. He was very famous. –

(c) I- and brought up in Bangladesh. This is a very beautiful country.

(d) Bangladesh is an emerging power in the world cricket. But we struggle more to win the World Cup.

(e) He cannot tell my name, –my address. He is really a liar.

(f). – the earth- ? Its not completely round.

(g) We walk fast than get on the train. The train is very crowded.

(h) The class started — I reached my college. I was really lucky.

(i) You look so weak. You – go home as early as possible.

(j) The man pretended — he had been very poor. So, we disliked him.

(JB ’19)

what does …. look like how to in order that it is high time was born
had to what’s it like. let alone unless lest

Question 4.  (a) The child cannot walk – run in the field.

(b) Tareq Ahmed is a renowned teacher. He —- in 1960.

(c) At present, the children do not know- swim in water.

(d) Parents – to work hard to take care of their children.

(e) Rima studies hard —- GPA-5 should be missed.

(f) Father, – a ghost – ? g Tanisha went to college — she could learn something.

(h) — people stopped corruption from society.

(i) – swimming in the river? For the first time, it seems new experience for all.

(j) You will not succeed in life — you work hard.

[CB ’19]

as if No sooner had unless what does …. look like in order to
what if here let alone was born it

Question 5.   (a) Accessibility to higher education in our country is very difficult. Students must work hard get themselves admitted into universities.

(b) Time is very important in our life. You cannot prosper in life — you make the best use of time.

(c) The students were talking in the class. — the teacher entered the class than they stopped talking.

(d) He proceeded — he had never seen me. His behaviour shocked me. (e) The man is very weak. He cannot walk a mile — five miles.

(f) I’m in short of time. — – the train is late?

(g) Once — live a farmer. He had four sons.

(h) Have you seen a camel? it — ?

(i) ___ is unfortunate that many students spoil their time by using facebook.

(j) Joynul Abedin was a great artist. He –in Kishoregonj.

[Ctgb ’19]

as if it is about time would rather feel like blow one’s own trumpet
is used to as far as when it comes to had better needn’t have

Question 6.  (a) “Can I smoke here?” “I — you didn’t. It’s a no-smoking zone.”

(b) This car is absolutely fine —- the engine is concerned.

(c) We rushed to the station lest we might miss the train. But the train was late and we had to wait for an hour. We – hurried.

(d) It’s well past 10. and Diba is still in bed. – – she got up.

(e) Nishi is a nice girl. But — cooking, she is absolutely hopeless.

(f) Lima has always lived alone. She living alone..

(g) Well, you don’t need to – We know that you have some talent.

(h) Look at that building! It looks — it’s going to fall down!

(i) I am very tired. I don’t going out this evening.

(j) “It’s getting late. I have to go now.” “You — not. It’s raining very hard.”

[SB ’19]

as though was born what… look like it had to
had better would rather there as soon as let alone

Question 7.  (a) We- hire a rickshaw. It’s already too late. We have to reach the exam hall in time.

(b) I can’t remember the name of the story, — the details about the different characters. I read the story many years ago.

(c) Nobody likes Suborna at all. She talks — she knew everything in the world.

(d) Rabindranath Tagore is one of the greatest poets of the world literature. He into the famous Tagore family.

(e) — does a leopard ?

(f) The cricket match restarted — – the third umpire declared the d the third umpire declared the decision. It was a great relief for the spectators.

(g) It was a terrible ship. — was no crew in the ship of death.

(h) In ancient time people – fight against dangerous wild animals. Is it same in the present days? (i) In our country, rainy season is very different. During this season — rains heavily without any gap.

(j). Tarek — sleep than watch such type of film. It’s really boring.

[BB ’19; Pabna Cadet College, Pabna-2018]

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there was born have to let alone what if
had better as soon as would rather what’s it like as if

Question 8.  (a) I have never walked five miles at a stretch – ten miles. The idea of walking so much distance frightens me. :

(b) I have never visited Kuakata. — visiting this place in the coming summer vacation?

(c) People do not like his way of behaviour. He always behaves — he were a great leader.

(d) The price of mango is high in our country, – we turn this land into a mango orchard?

(e) The criminal ran away he saw the police. He was afraid of being arrested.

(f) Smoking tells upon the smoker’s health greatly.

(g)You give up this bad habit. Once – lived a king named Solomon. He was very wise.

(h) Shimul_ work hard than beg. He is very industrious and painstaking.

(i) Tapan is somewhat backward in his preparation for the coming HSC exam. He study hard to get completely prepared before the exam.

(j) Albert Einstein was a great scientist of physics. He — in 1879 and breathed his last in 1955.

[DjB ’19; Bogura Cantt. Public School & College, Bogura-2018]

as if have to as soon as it was born
let alone would rather, there had better what if

Question 9.  (a) We — pay a visit to Cox’s Bazar than the Sundarbans. We have already visited the Sundarbans.

(b) The storm was raging violently. We got out- it abated.

(c) Fardin is always boastful of his uncles. He talks – they were the most powerful men in the country.

(d) My college is far away from our house. I — walk a long way to go to my college.

(e) Jasim Uddin is a rural poet. He — in 1903 in a village named Tambulkhana in Faridpur.

(f) — is very hot today. Load shedding is aggravating the situation. .

(g) Maruf cannot earn 50 marks — 80 marks. He is a student of average standard.

(h) — are many mango trees around our home. They give us very sweet mangoes.

(i) Faiaz seems to be weak. He —- consult an experienced doctor.

(j) The river is calm. —- we swim in the river? To swim in the river is a nice experience.

[(Combined Board ’18 (Code-184)]

would you mind used to as if as soon as let alone
had better it I would rather so that what if

Question 10.  (a) He acts – he were rich. So nobody likes him.

(b) – eating sea fish? I think you will enjoy a lot.

(c) Aloka can’t afford to buy a cell phone, — a laptop. Actually she is very poor.

(d) It may rain today. You — leave earlier.

(e) Sometimes we become speechless remembering our childhood memories. We — swim in the river.

(f) — is many years since we first met. How time does fly!

(g) His mother being sick, he needs to go home – possible.

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(h) We — develop our humanity than observe hartal and strike. Let us change our destructive culture.

(i) There started a heavy storm when I was about to go out. —I had been out there?

(j) He took a part time job he could earn some money. He was very sincere.

(Combined Board ’18 (Code-185); BAF Shaheen College, Dhaka-2018; BEPZA Public School & College, Chattogram-2018]

as soon as hat does …. look like what if what’s it like had better
was born let alone have to would rather it

Question 11.  (a) Deforestation is a matter of great concern. We — take immediate steps against cutting down trees at random.

(b) To tell a lie is a great sin. We- die than tell a lie. Otherwise none will believe us.

(c) Helmet should be used while driving a motorcycle. —- you were driving your bike and met a serious accident?

(d) swimming in the sea? It seems to be very heroic to me.

(e) — mother heard the news, she cried loudly. She lost her child in a car accident.

(f) Rome was not built in a day. — took a long time and hard labour to build this city.

(g) Rahman is a poor man. He cannot buy a shirt, — a car.

(h) Kazi Nazrul Islam is our rebel poet. He- in Churulia of West Bengal. Rina’s dress looks very dirty. It is old enough. She — buy a new dress.

Rana : Hi, Robi – a pea-cock- ? Robi : It’s a very nice bird. It knows how to dance.

[DB ’17; Uttara High School & College, Uttara, Dhaka-2018; Al-Amin Academy School & College, Chandpur-2018]

there what if have to No sooner had would rather
lest as if let alone What does …. look like be born

Question 12.  (a) The students were loitering in the corridor. – they seen the teacher than they entered the classroom.

(b) Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the father of our nation. He — in 1920 in Tungipara of Gopalganj district.

(c) I can’t stand Rubel. He always acts – he were smarter than everyone.

(d) The little girl was suddenly crossing the road. A bus was passing by. As it came near the girl, the driver halted it. — he wouldn’t have stopped the bus?

(e) Shoma — live in a hostel than live in her relative’s home. She feels free and comfortable in the hostel.

(f) You started late. Now, you are walking slowly. Walk fast you should miss the bus.

(g) He is very poor. He can’t afford to travel by an AC bus, – an aeroplane.

(h) Daughter : Mom, — an albatross — ?Mother : My dear, an albatross is a very large white bird that lives in the Pacific and Southern Oceans.

(i) Long ago, —— lived a mighty warrior named Kublai Khan. He was the grandson of Chenghis Khan.

(j) 1-— seek advice from a doctor. I have been suffering from fever for a long time. (RB ’17; Islamia Govt. College, Sirajganj-2018; Cumilla Govt. College, Cumilla-2018; Dinajpur Govt. Women’s College, Dinajpur-2018; Govt. H.S.S. College, Magura-2017; Habigonj Govt. Mohila College, Habiganj-2017]

as if let alone what does …. look like was born there
what’s it like have to as soon as had better would rather

Question 13.  (a) In modern times, — has been a great change in the attitude of man regarding superstitious belief.

(b) Our learners develop a very poor writing skill. They cannot write fairly well even in Bangla, — in English.

(c) Some city dwellers’ behaviour is often too formal. They speak in such a way — they were never in the village.

(d) I have never travelled by air. — flying in the sky?

(e) Riaz : — the frozen mountain peak — ? Purnima : It looks like a white dome.

(f) Sheela is suffering from tooth-ache. She — see a dentist.

(g) Play is delayed due to rain. It will resume — the rain stops.

(h) Sohel is a very good-natured boy. He stay at home than mix with bad companions.

(i) Milton was a poet of versatile genius. He – in 1608 in England. He used to believe that one should start a profession after taking necessary preparations.

(j) We have discussed for quite a long time. We can’t take much time any more. We come to a conclusion.

(JB’17; Palash Thana Central College, Narsingdi-2018; Madan Mohan College, Sylhet-2015 Kurigram Govt. Women’s College, Kurigram-2018; Naogaon Govt. College-2017; Chandpur Govt. College, Chandpur-2017

it is high time in case lest as though no sooner had
unless would you mind have to used to as long as

Question 14.  (a) There is foul smell in the room. — opening the windows?

(b) Tomorrow I will be very busy. So, I’ll say good-bye now I don’t see you again.

(c) We- educate all and work hard to develop our country.

(d) Nobody likes Karim at all. He talks he knew everything.

(e) The poor will continue to suffer — they are illiterate.

(f) Nobody likes you here. — you left this place.

(g) He saw a bear coming towards him. So, he climbed up a tree the bear might attack him.

(h) Everybody disliked Rakib. He do many harmful activities. .

(i) Time is very important in our life. You cannot prosper in life — you make proper use of time. (j) The students were talking in the class. – the teacher entered the class than they stopped talking.

[CB’17; SOS Hermann Gmeiner College, Mirpur, Dhaka-2018; Shahid Smrity Govt. College, Muktagacha Mymensingh-2018; Khulna Public College-2018; Sunamganj Govt. College-2018; Amrita Lal Dey College, Barishal-2017]

there as soon as what does … look like was born . what if
has to as if what’s it like let alone would rather

Question 15.  (a) It was 45 years ago when a new country named Bangladesh in the world map – at the cost of 1 millions of lives.

(b) During the liberation war of Bangladesh — was a great American singer George Harrison who sang for Bangladesh.

(c)  – living in Bangladesh? You seem to be very happy with your life in Bangladesh.

(d) My foreign friend told me, “You leave this country than live here.” I replied, “This is my motherland.”

(e) In 1971 the Pakistani army did terrible atrocities against the Bangladeshis. Pakistan apologize for this to Bangladesh.

(f) Pakistan always plays a role against Bangladesh. We cannot expect any co-operation from them apology.

(g) The elements of anti-liberation forces came out of their cocoons — the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was killed.

(h) Some persons living in Bangladesh always try to make conspiracy against the country — Bangladesh were not their own country.

(i) The authorities of Dhaka University cut ties with Pakistan. — the government of Bangladesh takes initiatives to cut off diplomatic relation with Pakistan?

(j). Teacher : Learners, the national flower of Bangladesh – ?

[Ctgb ’17; Govt. Science College Tejgaon, Dhaka-2018; New Govt. Degree College, Rajshahi-2018; Carmichael College, Rangpur-2018]

had better let alone as if as soon as was born
what does … look like there would you mind it. Would rather there

Question 16.  (a) The room appears to be suffocating. – opening the windows?

(b) It is raining outside. You – take an umbrella.

(c) He cannot read newspaper, – edit a newspaper.

(d) – lived a wise man but he was not well known to all.

(e) You look tired. — appears to me that you have worked hard.

(f) Ismail is a symbol of versatile genius. He —- in a needy family.

(g) — a dinosaur- ? Have you ever seen it?

(h) He proceeded — he had never seen me. His defiant behaviour offended me.

(i) Panic seized me I heard his roaring voice.

(j) Though I am in dire need of money, I die than seek any financial help from him. (SB’17; St. Gregory School And College, Laxmibazar, Dhaka-2018; Cantt. Public School & College, Momenshahi-2018; Bera Al-Hera Academy School & College, Pabna-2018; Jashore Govt. Mohila College, Jashore-2018]

let alone As if As soon as had better what’s … like
It would rather have to there if

Question 17.  (a) I met him ten years ago. I can hardly recall his name, — his address.

(b) has been many years since I saw him. So, I cannot recognize him.

(c) Don’t behave = you knew everything. Remember all others here are senior to you.

(d) You — build your own house than live in a rented house. House rent has increased much nowadays.

(e) Give him the good news – you meet him.

(f) —are many rivers in Bangladesh. The rivers abound with plenty of fishes.

(g) – I had a typewriter, I would type well.

(h) You – consult with a doctor. The condition of your health may deteriorate.

(i) — he -? He is friendly and he can help you.

(j) Time is over. I- go now.

[BB’17; Narsingdi Model College, Narsingdi-2018; Chattogram City Corporation Inter College, Chattogram-2018; Govt. Begum Rokeya College, Rangpur-2018; Gulshan Commerce College, Dhaka-2017]

 there let alone as if what does … look like have to
as soon as was born had better would rather it

Question 18.  (a) We not go out today. A riot has broken out in our locality.

(b) is a good idea to walk in the morning. One can take it as an important form of physical exercise because it refreshes both the body and mind.

(c) Do you often travel on business? You are always seen travelling abroad.

(d) Long ago, —-lived a very pious man. His name was Hatem Tai and he was very kind-hearted.

(e) —does a clown —-? You’ve seen a clown in the circus many a time.

(f) = I see my father coming, my heart fills up with joy. I am very much fond of my father.

(g) I got a job at a bar. But I hate working at a bar. I- be a waiter than a barman.

(h) Kazi Nazrul Islam – in an impoverished family. He had to earn even when he was a small boy.

(i) The economic condition of Robi is very poor. He cannot afford one meal per day, — square meals.

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(j) After the final match of the FIFA World Cup 2014, Messi looked — he were completely routed. His cherished dream had been shattered.


unless let alone there would you mind as if
neither had better as fast as it the older … the more

Question 19.  (a) When my brother was a child, he wouldn’t look at all like my father. – he gets, — he looks like him. MH 208 :

(b) — are hundreds of languages spoken regularly by human beings. But everywhere of the world people speak English.

(c) A: They won’t be enjoying a holiday this year. B:- we.

(d) It is admitted by all that a deer can run fast. But it can not run – a Cheetah.

(e) He loves his garden very much. He does not allow his sons to pluck any flower, – other children.

(f) I can not carry the box on my back. —- taking the box into the room?

(g) — is very difficult to get good grade in Bengali and English.

(h) It is getting dark. You —- go home right now. (i) The man was seriously injured in an accident. He would have died — he had been taken to a nearby hospital. (i) The boy talks too much of himself. He talks – he knew everything.

(DB’16; Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. Anwar Girls’ College, Dhaka-2018; Gout. Azizul Haque College, Bogura-2018; BN College, Dhaka-2017; Ibn Taimiya School & College, Cumilla-2017; Collectorate School & College, Rangpur-2017]

had better was born would rather as soon as let alone
in order to has to as if whenever there

Question 20.  (a) The students were making a noise in the class. But the teacher entered the class, they kept quiet.

(b) It was a hot summer day. A crow felt very thirsty. So it was flying here and there — find water.

(c) Panna was a criminal. So he was always on his toes. — he saw the police, he hid himself.

(d) The man is so weak that he cannot walk. He cannot walk even a kilometer, —- five kilometers.

(e) —_ is a nice kitchen garden just behind our house. So we can get fresh vegetables from there. (f) I am too tired to talk. I can no longer give you company. You leave me and let me take rest. (g) Though I am poor, I hate begging. Begging is most disreputable. I die than beg.

(h) Michael Madhusudan Dutt was a popular Bengali poet. He in a sophisticated Hindu family, but he took Christianity when he was young.

(i) My friend Ratul talks — he were a millionaire. But he comes of an impoverished family. Moreover, he is good for nothing.

(j) Rana is a meritorious student. He is the first boy in our class. He- study hard and work more to maintain his position in the class.

[RB ’16; Jhenidah Cadet College, Jhenidah-2018; Abdul Kadir Mollah City College, Narsingdi-2018; Bhola Govt. College, Bhola-2018]

but for used to was born no sooner had had better
as if What do you


has to it what’s the matter

Question 21. (a) Shamsur Rahman — in Dhaka in 1929. He is famous both as a poet and a novelist.

(b) – Diamond jumped upon the table than the lighted candle fell on the papers. It caused a great damage to Newton’s research works.

(c) You —-apply to the principal of your college for granting you a stipend. He will surely see on it.

(d) Thomas Alva Edison was very inquisitive in his childhood. He – do many harmful activities. However, he made a lot of inventions.

(e) One evening I returned home groaning with a bad headache. My mother asked me, “- with you? Why do you look so pale?”.

(f) – your timely intervention, I would have been assaulted by them. I was just a victim of circumstances.

(g) – ? How can a rope bite a man? It is quite unbelievable.

(h) He tells the matter — he knew it. Actually, he is quite ignorant of it.

(i) is a good idea to walk in the morning. Morning walk is very healthful.

(j) A good citizen —- perform a lot of things. These things will enable him to become a true patriot.

[JB ’16; Lions School & College, Rangpur-2018; Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. Anwar Girls’ College, Dhaka-2017]

as if was born as soon as what does … look like there
have to let alone would rather had better it

Question 22. (a) Manners make a man. Students — practice good manners in everyday life.

(b) Most students in our country are weak in English. They — follow the advice of their teachers for improvement

(c) He tries to show off his knowledge in English. He speaks English – he were an Englishman. (d) Cox’s Bazar is a popular tourist hub. – are many nice hotels there for tourists.

(e) The other day I met an old rickshaw puller. He told me that he pull a rickshaw than beg.

(f). A poor man struggles hard to survive in our country. He can hardly earn Tk. 200 a day, Tk. 2000. (g) In Dhaka city, traffic jam is very common. – may occur anywhere anytime.

(h) Smoking is one of the major causes of heart attack and cancer.

(i) – a smoker stops smoking, he can avoid the risk of any danger. Have you ever heard the name of William Shakespeare? He —- on 23rd April, 1564 in England. He was one of the greatest dramatists of the world.

(j) Son : Dad, — an alien – ? Father : Well. Aliens are believed to come from another planet by UFOs. Films and science fiction tell us about them. They are really awesome.

[CB ’16; Adamjee Cantonment College, Dhaka-2018Sylhet Science & Technology College, Sylhet-2018; Govt. Barishal College-2018; Muminunnisa Govt. Women’s College-2017]

was born would you mind there would rather what does … look like
as if let alone had better have to as soon as

Question 23. (a) He cannot tell my name, — my address. He is lying.

(b) The Bangladeshi cricketers have done well in the World Cup.

They — struggle more to win the World Cup.

(c)  – the earth — ? It’s not completely round.

(d) I-+- walk than get on the bus. This time the bus is very crowded.

(e) — I reached the station, the train left. Really I was lucky.

(f) Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah was a great linguist. He — in 1885 A.D.

(g) He acts — he were rich. So nobody likes him.

(h) You look sick. You – go home immediately.

(i) – was a boy at the door. He wanted to talk to me.

(j) – eating sea fish? I think you will enjoy a lot.

(CtgB’16; Narayanganj Govt. Mohila College, Narayanganj-2018: Barishal Cadet College, Barishal-2017; Narsingdi Science College-2017; Rani Bhawani Govt. Women’s College, Natore-2017]

was born what’s … like it let alone there
would rather as soon as had better as if what if

Question 24. (a) — your family –? Our family is not so big. It’s comparatively small.

(b) Today is a rainy day. You – not go to office today.

(c) I have a bad headache. I- go to doctor.

(d) – lived an old man in a village. He was very wise.

(e) My sister is acting — she were all in all. She always acts like this way.

(f) I’ll call you —- I arrive. Then we will go to market.

(g) Prabha can’t afford to buy a cell phone, – a laptop. Actually she is very poor.

(h) Punctuality is the habit of doing things exactly in time. — is, of course, a good habit.

(i) Tajuddin Ahmed, the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh, — in 1925. He was a wise man.

(j) Rina :- we miss the bus? Mina : We will take a taxi then.

[SB ’16; Govt. Jaheda Safir Women’s College, Jamalpur-2018; Bandarban Govt. College, Bandarban-2018; Tejgaon College, Tejgaon, Dhaka-2017]

there what if was born had better as long as
let alone have to as if it as soon as

Question 25. (a) — is really unfortunate for a boy like him to fail in the exam.

(b) He cannot score a goal, – a hattrick.

(c) His mother being sick, he needs to go home – possible.

(d) The manager says alone; It seems – others had nothing to say.

(e) No one is happy with her result; She understand it. (f) — you lose your pen?

(g) – lived a very clever fox in a jungle.

(h) The poor will continue to suffer -_- they are illiterate.

(i) Zahir Raihan — on 19 August, 1935 in Feni.

(j) We educate all and work hard to develop our country.

[BB’16; Milestone College, Uttara, Dhaka-2018; Jalalabad Cantonment Public School & College, Sylhet-2018; Dhaka Imperial College, Dhaka-2017]

had better there have to would rather let alone
as if it what’s it like was born as soon as

Question 26. (a) Motin’s father is a low paid service holder. He has no ability to buy a bi-cycle for his son, – motor bike.

(b) I’ve never travelled by air. — travelling in the sky?

(c) Let’s go to the cinema. – is not worth-waiting any longer.

(d) I am tired. I stay at home than go outside.

(e) You look very anxious. And you cannot continue your study any longer. You – take rest.

(f) I am surprised to hear his speeches. He speaks — he knew the ins and outs of the incident.

(g) Salam feels pain in his chest. He. — go back to the hospital for a scan next week.

(h) Tagore – in 1861. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1913.

(i) – is no fish here. It is a swimming pool.

(j). I went there to meet with him. — I saw him, I rushed to talk to him.

(DJB’16; Kushtia Govt. College, Kushtia-2018; Brahmanbaria City Model College, Brahmanbaria-2018; Brindaban Govt. College, Habiganj-2018; Viqarunnisa Noon College, Dhaka-2017; Milestone College, Uttara, Dhaka-2017; Chandpur Govt. Women’s College, Chandpur-2017]

what does … look like as if had better let alone need not
what if as soon as what’s it like have to would rather
আরো পড়ুন:  এইচএসসি ২০২২ সালের সমাজবিজ্ঞান ৫ম সপ্তাহ অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট প্রশ্ন উত্তর

Question 27. (a) Nowadays most of the politicians play the role of actors/ actresses. They act — they were the real patriots.

(b) Pakistan cricket team is very weak. They cannot defeat Bangladesh, —- Australia.

(c) In our country the members of law-enforcing organizations lead a very risky life.

(d) The price of mango is high in our country. — we turn this land into a mango orchard?

(e) We- walk fast. It may start raining. The sky seems stormy. B ei

(f) staying in a hostel? – the meeting started, some activists of opposition party started picketing: (h) He can see well. He use spectacles.

(i) We develop our humanity than observe hartal and strike. Let us change our destructive culture.

(j) The authoress: — your mother- , Jerry? Jerry: She is a very nice woman. She looks pretty nice.

[Mymensingh Girls’ Cadet College-2018; Narayanganj College, Narayanganj-2017; Hajigonj Model College, Chandpur-2017; Mirzapur Cadet College, Tangail-2016)

but for provided that nothing but no matter in a foolish manner
was assassinated just after such… as would you mind has to

Question 28. (a) I was awaiting his arrival. — his arrival, he talked to me.

(b) His words don’t make any sense. He speaks –

(c) I need your help. ——doing something for me?

(d) Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the USA. He — in April 1865. You all are requested to attend the meeting. You can do things — talk and listen.

(f) – your help, I can’t go ahead. So, I am badly in need of your help.

(g) She goes to bed late. She drinks – milk before going to bed.

(h) By working hard, he has reached the highest peak of success. You can also reach your goal you work hard.

(i) I always tell him to do the right thing. -what I say, he will do what he likes.

(j) Everyone work for the development of his country. So do I. [Mirzapur Cadet College, Tangail-2018]

would rather what’s it like let alone have to there
what does… look like was born had better as soon as it

Question 29. (a) 1- accept the chance. Chance does not come frequently.

(b) I- leave the place than live with him. He is not a man, he is a beast.

(c) Some doctors behave – they were butcher. Not the patient, but the money matters more to them.

(d) – living an isolated life? I never believe in isolation. I believe in association.

(e) Son : Father, a fairy – ? Father : Sorry, I have never seen any fairy…

(f) Hazi Mohammad Mohsin – in Hoogly. He is famous for his philanthropic activities.

(g) We should proceed possible. The function will start within a short time.

(h) My mother cannot talk due to illness, – shout. We are worried about her.

(i) All be loyal to law. If not, law will force us to be so.

(j) – are many educational institutions in Jashore town. So, it is called “Town of education.”

[Cumilla Cadet College, Cumilla-2018]

There What does … look like let alone as soon as was born
have to What’s it like would rather as if had betier

Question 30. (a) In England, most ‘school children – wear a uniform. Is it the same in Bangladesh?

(b) I- take a taxi than walk home. It’s already too late.

(c) We take an umbrella. It may rain.

(d) I can’t remember the title of the book, — the details of the story. I read it many years ago.

(e) I don’t like Tamanna’s attitude. She speaks in a way — she knew everything. She should show respect to others.

(f) The tennis match restarted — the rain had stopped. It was a great relief for the spectators.

(g) – living in Hawaiian style? You seem to be very happy with your life in Hawaii.

(h) Baby : Mom, does a ghost –?

(i) Long ago, — lived a mighty warrior, Kublai Khan. He built an amazing alabaster palace in a deep, dark, and mysterious forest.

(j) Socrates was a great Greek philosopher. He — in 469 BC. He spoke against the traditional Greek beliefs and so he was sentenced to death by drinking hemlock.

[Rajshahi Cadet College, Rajshahi-2018; Rajbari Govt. College, Rajbarl-2018; Savar Cantt. Public School & College, Savar-2017; Major General Mahmudul Hasan Adarsha College, Tangail-2017; Gout: M.M. College, Jashore-2017]

let alone was born there What’s it like what if
have to would rather as though it had better

Question 31. (a) Nelson Mandela was the former President of South Africa. This great leader in 1918 in South Africa.

(b) He- save up than spend all his money. He is honest and sincere.

(c) was a stormy night. It was raining also.

(d) I cannot ride a bike, – car. I have no money to buy any of these two things.

(e) You cannot wear shorts and a t-shirt to a job interview. You – change clothes before you go. (f) — playing in a local team? You seem to be bored playing with the team.

(g) You seem to be very tired. you went home and take rest?

(h) Mira behaves roughly with all. She speaks — she were a queen.

(i). You – cross the river at this moment. The river is very calm now.

(j) — flows a river by our village. We often swim in it.

[Rangpur Cadet College, Rangpur-2018]

what’s it like have to what if as soon as there
as if would rather had better was born let alone

Question 32. (a) I had lost my sense. —- I opened my eyes, I remembered where I was. Thank God, I am still alive.

(b) Albert Einstein was a great scientist of Physics. He — in 1879 and breathed his last in 1955. (c) lived a boy named Ahsanullah. The boy was very kind-hearted. So everybody liked him.

(d) I saw my friends yesterday. They were running – they were trying to catch a train.

(e) This is not a well-furnished hotel. We- stay at a different hotel.

(f) It’s a very important meeting. We — not miss the start of his presentation.

(g) Hasan is very lazy. He cannot boil water, — prepare a dinner.

(h) Saturday is my holiday. On this day I usually take rest. I also don’t work on Friday now.

(i) You look very pale. — you consulted with a lawyer?

(j) – living in a crowded city? You seemed very puzzled with your life in Dhaka city.

[Faujdarhat Cadet College, Chattogram-2018]

as though would rather had better it let alone
was born as soon as what is it like there had to

Question 33. (a) We hire a rickshaw. It is already too late, we have to reach the exam hall in time.

(b) I cannot remember the name of the story, —– the details about the different characters. I read the story many years ago.

(c) Nobody likes Karim at all. He talks — he knew everything in the world.

(d) A great man like him — in such a family in 1980.

(e) – watching horror show in the TV? I think it is harmful for children.

(f) The match restarted — the third umpire declared the decision.

(g) It was a terrible ship. — was no crew in that ship of death.

(h) In ancient time people – fight against dangerous wild animals.

(i) During rainy season- rains heavily without any gap.

(j) We-> sleep than watch such boring film..

[Barishal Cadet College, Barishal-2018]

what’s it like unless was born would rather there
as soon as let alone had better have to it

Question 34. (a) This boy — blind. Doctors opined that he would not recover. Since his birth, the boy has been one-eyed

(b) If you don’t want to miss the bus, start — possible. Otherwise, you will have to wait 2 hours for the next bus.

(c) This poor student cannot manage even his text books, – a bicycle. He walks to school which is 5 miles away.

(d) Our society is full of bad persons. We- remain aware of them.

(e) Our village is a famous one. — are many highly educated and very rich persons in our village. ..

(f) — you timely intervened, I would have been assaulted by them. I was just a victim of circumstances.

(g) I have no idea of — going on a long drive. I had never such occasion in my life.

(h) He behaves — he were a king. He always pretends to be important.

(i) 1- support my father than my uncle. I believe that my father is more honest and just than my uncle.

(j). You — bring your camera. We could take photo of every incident.

[Feni Girls’ Cadet College, Feni-2018; Birshrestha Munshi Abdur Rouf Public College, Dhaka-2017]

let alone had better what does… look like has to what if
have to it used to as soon as am used to

Question 35. (a) I- go to class yesterday. The class was very important.

(b) You – help me. I am in danger. If you don’t, I’ll be in trouble.

(c) She would not speak anything to her friends, – give a speech on stage!

(d) — he — ? He is almost like Salman Khan.

(e) He will get his visa today. He — go to the office.

(f) I am not able to meet you today. – you come tomorrow instead of this afternoon?

(g) Rina’s brother died last night. — her parents heard the news, they burst into tears.

(h) Limon is not active. So, — does not matter if he comes late. We have to do it by ourselves.

(i) When I was at school, I- play cricket in the afternoon. But now I have hardly any time to play.

(j) He is weak in English. He give emphasis on English.

[Notre Dame College, Dhaka-2018]

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