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Use of Punctuation Marks

Question No. 12

HSC ইংরেজি ২য় পত্র সকল বোর্ড এর প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর ডাউনলোড

এখানে  এইচ এস সি পরীক্ষার বিগত সালের সকল বোর্ডের Punctuation Marks এর প্রশ্নগুলো দেওয়া হলো। উত্তর সহ পুরো ফাইলটি পিডিএফ আকারে ডাউনলোড করতে নিচে দেওয়া লিংকে ক্লিক করে ডাউনলোড করুন।

Question 1. Student : Excuse me sir I want to discuss with you some grammatical problems.

Teacher         : What class are you in

Student         : Sir I am in class XI, I am a newly admitted student here.

Teacher         : Okay tell me your problems

Student         : I want to understand the difference between a phrase and a clause. Teacher      : Don’t worry. Ill help you understand the difference.

[DB ’19 ]

Question 2. You’ve cut off your hair, asked Jim, laboriously as if he had not arrived at that patent fact yet even after the hardest mental labour. Cut it off and sold it, said Della. Don’t you like me just as well, anyhow Im me without my hair ain’t I Jim looked about the room curiously. You say your hair is gone he said with an air almost of idiocy.

[RB ’19]

Question 3. Jerry    : I can chop some wood today.

Writer            : But Ive a boy coming from the orphanage.

Jerry               : Im the boy

Writer            : You But youre very small in size.

Jerry               : Size doesn’t matter chopping wood. Some of the big boys don’t chop  well. Ive been chopping wood for a long time

Writer            : Very well theres the axe. Go ahead see what you can do

[JB ’19; Ispahani Public School & College, Chattogram-2018; Sylhet Commerce College, Sylhet-2018: Mongla Gout. College, Bagerhat-2017; Ibn Taimiya School & College, Cumilla-2017; Govt. BM College, Barishal-2017]

Question 4. Sajid : Hurrah weve won the match.

Sifat                 : What match Sajid

Sajid               : The football match between your school. team and         our                                 school team.

Sifat               : Oh my Almighty! How did it happen?

Sajid               : We won by 3 goals to one (1);

Sifat                : I thought our team was better than yours.

Sajid               : The result shows who is better.

Sifat                : Anyway, well do better next year.

Sajid               : Best of luck sifat.

[CB ’19]

Question 5. Student : Excuse me sir. May I come in?

Teacher         : yes come in.

Student         : Thank you sir.

Teacher         : What can I do for you.

Student         : Would you kindly make me clear about the use of this

Teacher         : Didnt you attend my class yesterday?

Student         : No sir. I did not come.

Question 6. The traveller said to the peasant “Can you tell me the way to the nearest inn” The peasant said “Yes I can Do you want one in which you can spend the night” The traveller said, “I don’t wish to stay there I only want a meal” Follow me and I will take you to a nice one.

[SB ’19]

Question 7. Mosharrof Hossain Khan Chowdhury University College, Brahmanpara, Cumilla-2017) While I was going to market yesterday I met a boy begging in the street. On being asked to tell the reason of begging the boy with a sad mind and tearful eyes said oh sir I have a sad tale to tell you would you please hear my story. Yes, I would love to I said to him. Instead of telling the story, the boy simply began to cry.

[BB ’19; Viqarunnisa Noon College, Dhaka (Set : A)-2018; Bogura Cantt. Public School & College-2018]

Question 8. Hasan             : Can you tell me a little about Dhaka

Hasib              : Sure what would you like to know

Hasan            : Well whats a good time to visit there?

Hasib              : I think you can visit in winter.

Hasan            : Good and what should I see there

Hasib              : Well you can visit Sonargaon Folk Art Museum and you can                              see the  handicrafts. But you must not leave Dhaka without                                 visiting the Lalbagh Fort.

Hasan            : Anything else.

Hasib              : Oh yes if you have time you may visit Ahsan Manjil. You                                     could have an excellent experience of the Mughal and the                               British architecture.

আরো পড়ুন:  বিগত বছরের সকল চাকরি পরীক্ষার পারিভাষিক শব্দ একসাথে পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড করুন | Paribhashik Shobdo

[DjB ’19]

Question 9. One day while going to college I met an old man who had nothing of his own having seen me he began to cry but could not as he was too weak to cry feeling a great pity for him I wanted to know about him what led him to this miserable condition so I started asking him questions.

[Combined Board Exam ’18 (Code-184); Joypurhat Govt. College, Joypurhat-2018; Joypurhat Girls’ Cadet College, Joypurhat-2017]

Question 10. Bindu : do you read newspaper regularly Hema.

Hema             : Yes I do. What about you.

Bindu             : To tell you frankly I do not read newspaper regularly.

Hema             : Why you get enough time.

Bindu             : I do but I do not like. Moreover I think it is a wastage of time.

Hema             : Strange why do you think so.

[Combined Board ’18 (Code-185): Govt. Rashidazzoha Mahila College, Sirajganj-2018; Savar College, Savar-2017; Satkhira Gout. Mohila College, Satkhira-2017]

Question 11. Abid : We are about to finish our H.S.C examination Are you thinking about    your future

Hasib              : Yes, what about you

Abid               : I want to pursue higher education what are your plans

Hasib              : I rather follow some vocational courses to make my career

Abid                : Really have you thought of any particular vocation Hasib :                               Yes, I would like to join the Fashion Design course This career                            has a prospect these days

Abia                : Is it suitable for boys

Hasib              : Why not Boys are as good as girls in many professions now-                               days Whats your future plan

Abid               : I would like to go for teaching

Hasib              : It’s a good profession for a studious boy like you

[DB ’17; BEPZA Public School & College, Chattogram-2018; Dinajpur Govt. Women’s College, Dinajpur-2018]

Question 12. “I’m not in the least hungry,” my guest sighed “but if you insist I don’t mind having some asparagus.” I ordered them. “Aren’t you going to have any” “No I never eat asparagus.” “I know there are people who don’t like them. The fact is you ruin your palate by all the meat you eat.” “Coffee” I said “Yes, just an ice-cream and coffee” she answered.

[RB ’17; Narsingdi Model College, Narsingdi-2018: Govt. City College, Chattogram-2018; Amrita Lal Dey College, Barishal-2017; Barishal Govt. Women’s College, Barishal-2017]

Question 13. Tourist         : How old is the edifice guide

Guide             : Madame its a 15th century edifice

Tourist           : What a wonderful edifice it is Guide . It was built by Akbar                                 the then emperor of India.

Tourist           : Oh! I see

Guide             : Madame we should move now. The sun is about to set. It                                    would be dark soon.

Tourist           : Isnt the place safe?

Guide             : It is. But the security does not allow anybody after sunset.

[JB’17; SB’16: Dhaka College, Dhaka-2018; Brahmanbaria United College, Brahmanbaria-2018; Dhaka Commerce College, Mirpur, Dhaka-2017: Mohammadpur Preparatory Higher Secondary School, Dhaka-2017: Shaheed Police Smrity College, Mirpur, Dhaka-2017]

Question 14. how is your father rana said mr karim he is very well thank you replied rana i am glad to hear that he is in good health said mr karim

[CB’17; DJB ’16: Shahid Smrity Govt. College, Muktagacha, Mymensingh-2018: Khulna Public College, Khulna-2018: Gazipur Cantonment College, Gazipur-2017: Narsingdi Science College, Narsingdi-2017; Armed Police Battalion Public School & College, Bogura-2017; M.C. College, Sylhet-2017; M.C. College, Sylhet-2017]

“How is your father, Rana?” said Mr Karim. “He is very well. Thank you,” replied Rana. “I am glad to hear that he is in good health,” said Mr Karim.

Question 15. Son : Did you keep a diary during the liberation war

Father   : Yes I did.

Son        : Can I have a look at it?

Father   : I’m afraid, Ive lost it.

Son        : Can you remember anything about it

Father   : Yes, I remember one event there were lots of sounds and bangs                        outside one night.       You wanted to look out but we didn’t let you.

Son        : Why

Father   : Because it was very dangerous. You were only four years old then

Son        : I can’t remember anything.

Father  : Its natural. No one can remember all from early childhood

আরো পড়ুন:  HSC Article All Board Question and Answer PDF Download |HSC English Grammar PDF

 [CtgB ’17: Ideal College, Central Road.Dhanmondi, Dhaka-2018: Govt. Jahed Safir Women’s College, Jamalpur-2018; Dinajpur Govt. College, Dinajpur-2017]

Question 16. Entering the study my elder brother looked around and burst out in disgust. How dirty you have made the room! Why do you use it if you cant keep it tidy I said, i am extremely sorry I have been a nuisance in future youll never see the room in such a bad condition I promise

[SB’17; Gout. Azizul Haque College, Bogura-2018: Agrabad Mohila College, Chattogram-2018: Thakurgaon Govt. College, Thakurgaon-2018; Gulshan Commerce College, Gulshan, Dhaka-2017; Muminunnisa Govt. Women’s College, Mymensingh-2017; Nou Bahini School & College, Chattogram-2017; Govt. City College, Chattogram-2017]

Question 17. Myself          : Good morning Rana. How are you?

Rana               : I am so so and you

Myself           : I am.well. But why aren’t you completely well.

Rana               : In every examination I’m cutting a sorry figure.

Myself           : Whats the reason? Dont you utilize your time properly?

Rana               : I spend most of the time in watching TV.

Myself           : Recreation is necessary. But spending too much time on this                             has no good side.

Rana               : I don’t feel bored in watching TV.

Myself           : But as a student, you should study more and more.

Rana               : Thank you for your good advice.

Myself           : Welcome.

[BB ’17; Narayanganj College, Narayangary-2017]

Question 18. Aryan           : Do you read newspaper regularly Farhan

Farhan           : Yes I do. What’s about you

Aryan             : To tell you frankly I do not read newspaper regularly.

Farhan           : Why you get enough time during the break in the college.

Aryan             : Yes I do get but I do not like. Moreover I think it is a wastage of time.

Farhan           : Remember newspaper is called the ‘storehouse’ of knowledge. The more you will read newspaper the more you will learn.

Aryan             : Then, from today, I will start reading newspaper

Farhan           : Yes, that’s like a good friend.

[DJB’17: Dhaka College, Dhaka-2018: Gout Padma College, Dhohar, Dhaka-2018; Govt. Pioneer Mohila College, Khulna-2018; Naogaon Govt. College, Naogaon-2017]

Question 19. A        : Whats solar energy?

B                      : Its one of the renewable energy sources.

A                     :Why is it called green energy?

B                      : Well its green energy because it helps us keep the earth                                    green I mean it doesn’t emit any pollutant in the atmosphere                             when we produce and use it.

A                     : I see then it must be a clean source of energy.

B                      : Exactly. And that’s why its also called clean energy.

[DB ’16: Rajshahi Govt. Women’s College, Rajshahi-2018: Alamdanga Govt. Degree College, Chuadanga-2018; BAF Shaheen College, Jashore-2017: Chandpur Govt. College, Chandpur-2017]

Question 20. Husband : Cant you cook food properly

Wife               : I cook food properly the problem is with you.

Husband       : Really these foods are crap they taste pathetic.

Wife               : I spend time in the kitchen from morning till afternoon. I                                   work hard. I take care of two children at home. What do you                              do?

Husband       : I work hard and earn money that you spend lavishly.

Wife               : How dare you say that. Husband : Well that is the truth

[RB’16; Gout. Science College, Tejgaon, Dhaka-2018; Dhaka Imperial     College, Dhaka-2017; Govt. Fazilatunnesa Women’s College, Bhola-2017]

Question 21. Nazmul        : Excuse me where is the nearest hospital

Arafat            : Its about 2 kilometers from here. You will have to hire a taxi                            You can also go by bus Nazmul : I see Is there a bus station                                 near here

Arafat            : Yes there is a bus stop at the corner.

Nazmul          : Thank you.

Arafat            : Dont mention it

[JB’16: Ideal School & College, Motijheel, Dhaka (Set : Rabindranath)-2018: Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. Anwar Girls’ College, Dhaka-2018; Gout. Nazimuddin College, Madaripur-2018: Palash Thana Central College, Narsingdi-2018]

Question 22. Arif    : Hello How are you Zakia?

Zakia              : Fine. What about you de motor

Arif                 : Well I was a bit sick.

Zakia              : Really What happened otomach

Arif                 : Stomach upset. I had outside food. It troubles my stomach.

Zakia              : That’s why I always try to avoid outside food they are                                         unhygienic.

আরো পড়ুন:  এইচ এস সি পদার্থ বিজ্ঞান ১ম পত্র – গতি সূত্র অধ্যায়ের সকল সূত্র ও প্রশ্ন সমাধান পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড | Physics 1st Paper Note PDF

Arif                 : I’m not going to have it anymore.

Zakia              : Anyway, you take care bye.

Arif                 : Bye.

[CB’16: SOS Hermann Gmeiner College, Mirpur, Dhaka-2018: Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. Anwar Girls’ College, Dhaka-2017; BN College, Dhaka-2017; New Gout. Degree College, Rajshahi-2017]

Question 23. “Good Morning where are you going” said the merchant. I was just coming to see you said the youth. “What do you want” “Please help me to earn my bread by the labour of my hands. “Do you really want work!” said the merchant. yes if you have any.” “Then follow me and carry the box from the shop to my house.” “By Allah I’m really grateful to you.” said the youth.

[CtgB’16; Gout. Louhajong University College, Munshiganj-2018; Kalikapur Abdul Matin Khasru Degree College, Burichang, Cumilla-2018: Govt. B.L College, Khulna-2017; Gout H.S.S. College, Magura-2017: Bhola Govt. College, Bhola-2017]

Question 24. Student        : May I come in Sir?

Principal        : Yes come in

Student         : Good morning Sir

Principal        : Good morning how can I help you

Student         : Sir we would like to arrange a study tour

Principal        : It’s a great idea Ill appreciate it Submit an application to me so that I can take step in favour of you.

Student         : Ok Sir. We will write an application on behalf of the students                           Principal : Ok, see you

Student         : Thank you very much, Sir

Principal       : You are most welcome

[BB’16: Narail Govt. Mohila College, Narail-2018: Chattogram Govt. College, Chattogram-2018; Jhalokati Govt. College, Jhalokati-2017]

Question 25. Students should know that to pass in the exam is one thing and to know is another thing. One can pass in the examination without knowing anything there are many ways to pass in the examination but there is only one way to know it is hard work. if you want to know you must read vigorously there is no other shortcut students of our country to our utter surprise simply want to pass in the examination they don’t bother at all how much they have known they have become totally certificate oriented.

[Mymensingh Girls’ Cadet College, Mymensingh-2018]

Question 26. “What’s your dream Do you have any dream” asked Zayed. Yes, indeed, said Robi. “My dream is a plate full of rice big pieces of chicken and sweets”. Zayed and his friends were surprised. “Is that all come on. I’m going to make your dream come true.” Robi couldn’t believe his ears. Was he making fun of me Playing a cruel trick Robi thought.

[Mirzapur Cadet College, Tangail-2018]

Question 27. Lady Guest : You see you’ve filled your stomach with a lot of meat. Therefore you can’t eat any more?

Writer                        : I took a Mutton chop.

Lady Guest               : Follow my example!

Writer                        : Ill do better than that don’t be tensed?

Lady Guest               : Humorist you’re quite a humorist.

[Cumilla Cadet College-2018: Holy Cross College, Dhaka-2017]

Question 28. Marie           : You’re really fit Paul. Do you exercise very much?

Paul                : Well I almost always get up early and I lift weight for an hour.

Marie             : You’re kidding

Paul                : No. And then go swimming.

Marie             : Wow How often I do you exercise like that?

Paul                : About five times a week. What about you?

Marie             : Oh I hardly do exercise. I usually just watch TV in my free time. Often my mom says marie wwdarling, dont be a couch potato.

[Rajshahi Cadet College-2018: Muminunnisa Govt. Women’s College, Mymensingh-2018: Brindaban Govt. College, Habiganj-2017: Holy Cross College, Dhaka-2016

Question 29. Why are you putting up the food in your pocket, sir Why don’t you eat?” asked the noble man “i am doing the right thing. my dress deserves these rich dishes.” replied Sheikh Saadi “I don’t understand what you mean to say said the noble man. “and I’m sorry.

[Rangpur Cadet College, Rangpur-2018]

Question 30. Eight anas Sir. Give me eight anas only” said the boy. Hey you come here. How many square meals do you have” asked Zayed. “None a slice of bread bought with begged money, some leftover rice from hospital attendants all I live on” the boy replied. “What’s your name” asked Zayed. Robi” said the boy.

[Pabna Cadet College, Pabna-2018]

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